Getting Your Reader Hooked

How do you grab the reader right out of the gate? A good, simple hook that draws the reader into the article or story can make all the difference. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Using mosh in Windows 10

If you are on a poor connection and using Windows 10, you definitely want to install mosh under WSL. Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to accomplish that.

Ultimate Guide to Managing Your WordPress .htaccess File

In most cases, Wordpress does a good job managing your .htaccess file all by itself, but sometimes a little intervention is needed. Or perhaps you want to speed up your server a bit. If so, read on!

Liquid Programming Annoyances (and Workarounds)

A few little gotchas in Liquid (Shopify’s theming language) and some ways to work around them – conditionals with “contains,” type casting, variable scope in loops.

Changing WordPress Permalinks from Date-Based to Postname Only

It seems like nothing could be simpler. But there are some gotchas with respect to rewrites. The big challenge, though, is that your existing URLs are stored as serialized data, which means that if you do a search and replace on the database, the universe ends, or something like that.

Multi-Dimensional and Associative Arrays in Shopify Liquid

You think if you can just find the right spot in the documentation, you can figure out multi-dimensional arrays in Liquid. Actually, you can’t. There is no way to create them. But this clever(?) but cumbersome workaround will get the job done.

Syntax Highlighting for Liquid

A simple “brush” for Syntax Highlighter Evolved which will not only add syntax highlighting for Liquid, it will also let you simply and easily add a Liquid code block in Gutenberg in Wordpress. Handy if you are going to blog about Liquid or Shopify.

Shopify Breadcrumbs based on Menu Structure

Shopify breadcrumbs can be hard because there’s no way to organize them by default and Shopify has no way to establish a parent-child relationship between collections. But you can use your menu structure to create just such a relationship to build intelligent breadcrumbs. Here’s how!

Streak, Zapier and Automating Tasks for Our Vacation Rental

We struggled for a long time to find a system for managing our vacation rental that did not involve pain and suffering. By combining Streak, Zapier and Google Apps, we finally found something that works for us much better than Quickbooks or other systems. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.