The Wright Brothers’ Kites: Why the Bacon Number Calculator is the Key to the Future of Google

Google’s Bacon Number Calculator has drawn a lot of laughs and sneers, but the last laugh will be Google’s, or whoever gets this technology correct. True, the BNC is a funny and mostly useless toy. I also think it’s the harbinger of the biggest change in the organization of human knowledge since the invention of writing. The BCN is small. The concept is monumental.

Highlighting Ads In Google Search Results

Google has made it hard to tell ads from regular search results. With a bit of CSS, though, you can make the ads stand out so that it’s easier to tell them from the organic search results.

Usability Advantages and Disadvantages of Mega Menus (Mega Menus Part 1)

Mega menus have been heralded as a usability enhancement, but they can also result in serious usability challenges. It’s not a simple yes or no. It’s quite easy to end up with navigation that is difficult, occasionally impossible, for the user to actually navigate.

Mega Menus and SEO Concerns and Solutions (Mega Menus Part 2)

Search engines have made a lot of progress in terms of figuring out what your page is about, but large numbers of navigation links muddy the signal you send to the search engines, both about your page and about the rest of your site. There are lots of possible solutions, but the real solution is getting the information architecture right. or Endicia Dazzle with Webgility eCC and Ubercart?

This article is seriously outdated. It was written for Drupal 6! I’m not sure any of it applies anymore. This was for the Trail Designs website. When Drupal 6 reached end of life in 2016, Ideawrights migrated Trail Designs to Shopify rather than upgrading Drupal. For most small e-commerce businesses, Shopify is now our standard … Read more

Bailing Your Boat: Clearing Problem Floats

Floats can be incredibly frustrating when they don’t work as you expect and they often don’t. The normal way allows for you to create drop caps, meaning the floated element sticks out beyond the borders of the containing box. Usually, though, you don’t want that when building web layouts and there are better ways to fix it than by adding an element with clear:both; Here’s one good method and a comprehensive list of links on the subject.